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Overseas Alcoholic Beverages Business and Overseas Japanese Food Wholesale Business in overseas markets are the two mainstays of our business under our mission “Bringing Japanese food and drink culture to the world”.

Overseas Alcoholic Beverages Business

We supply overseas market with a wide variety of Japanese alcoholic beverages such as sake, shochu, light-alcohol refreshers, plum liquor, hon-mirin and cooking sake, as well as whisky.

Japanese Alcoholic Beverages Business

Since 1951, we have been exporting alcoholic beverages and seasonings made in Japan such as Sho Chiku Bai, the preeminent sake in Japan for celebrations, Mio Sparkling Sake, the new wave for the world of sake, Sho Chiku Bai Shirakabegura, the acclaimed premium sake, Ikkomon, 100% sweet-potato-based shochu, and Takara Hon-Mirin, the leading brand of mirin that has contributed to the Japanese food culture since its launch, and we supply more than 40 countries with them.

In recent years, in order to meet the growing demand for Japanese alcoholic beverage, we have launched the products which are exclusive to global markets except Japan.


As overseas manufacture and sales, we founded Takara Sake USA in 1983. Over 30 years since its launch, we have been producing sake and mirin made with local rice and water and supplying American and European markets with them.

In China, we founded Takara Shuzo Foods in 1995 and have been producing and selling sake and mirin for over 20 years.


Whisky Business

For whisky business, Age International markets Blanton’s, the premium  single-barrel bourbon, worldwide and The Tomatin Distillery produces and sells Tomatin, the highly acclaimed scotch whisky.


Japanese Food Wholesale Business in Overseas Markets

We have expanded Japanese food wholesale network in Western countries and Oceania and been supplying Japanese restaurants and food retailers overseas with Japanese food products such as rice, nori, soy sauce, noodles and sake as well as related prodtucs such as kitchenware and servingware.

North America

In North America, Mutual Trading supplies a wide variety of products related to Japanese food centered in the United States.


In Europe, FOODEX group distributes Japanese food products all over Europe with FOODEX operating in France, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Cominport Distribución in Spain, Poland, and Keta Foods in Portugal.

In U.K., Tazaki Foods supplies Japanese food products all over the country.


In Oceania, Nippon Food supplies Japanese food products all over Australia.