<Privacy Policy>

TAKARA SHUZO INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. strives to protect the personal information obtained from Customers via our website, and abide by all laws, guidelines, etc. concerning personal information, as well as the policy stated below.

Customer's Personal Information

Normally, no personal information is collected when a Customer simply views our website. The Customer may, however, be asked for name, address and/or other personal information to the extent necessary for the services we provide via our website, such as gifts, the readers' column, questionnaires, on-line shopping, inquires, membership registration and job recruiting.

Protection/Management of Personal Information

We are committed to ensuring the thorough protection and management of personal information we receive from the Customer to prevent the disclosure of such information. We may entrust the handling of personal information to an outside company for the purpose of providing our services smoothly and with good quality. In such case, we will also ensure the thorough protection and management of the Customer's personal information by the third party through appropriate measures such as confidentiality agreements, to avoid improper disclosure, etc. Furthermore, we will protect personal information by ensuring the security of our computer systems against fraudulent access or intrusion from the outside.

Use of Personal Information

In principle, we will not use personal information we obtain from the Customer for purposes other than those described in the preceding Section 1. The Company or an assigned third party may, however, deliver information that appears to be of interest to the Customer with the Customer's consent. When the Customer does not desire the delivery of such information, the Customer can stop it by contacting the sender.In addition, we may disclose a Customer's personal information without his/her prior consent when requested by competent public institutions or their equivalent, such as courts, police and prosecutors.

Correction, Deletion, etc. of Personal Information

When a Customer, in person, requests the correction or deletion of personal information, we will comply immediately and without delay. Likewise, should the Customer request the disclosure of whatever of his/her own personal data as may be present in our files, we will promptly disclose such information to that Customer, except as deemed to substantially harm the interests of the Customer and/or the Company.